We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce our firm to you. We hereby wish to highlight the services that we can render for you. Jidair Cargo is a company known for Import, Export, Customs Clearing, Freight forwarding by Air, Sea & Road.

Jidair Cargo is the company you can trust and lean on always, we are here for you, with our management team we do our work thoroughly and always at your services,do exactly what YOU want and more. we treat you like you are our only customer, we do what we are the best at, we are at your service,.we dont take chances, try us and see what we are talking about.

Door To Door Delivery

To the DR. Congo (Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Mbuji-Mayi, Kananga, North & South Kivu, Goma, Kisangani & Matadi) Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt) Cameroun (Duala) Ivory Coast (Abidjan) and other destinations on request.

Sea Freight Services.

This freight service covers from Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa) and the rest of the world our planeload freight and volume freight specialists work with our customers on special Jidair Cargo freight shipping orders and act as a cargo load freight broker for any shipments requiring a full cargo load.

Collection And Delivery Country Wide

A national collection and delivery service covering, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Roodeport, Krugersdorp, Vereeniging. All Cargo is handled, stored and carried strictly at owner risk. Insurance cover can be quoted on written request.

Road Freight Services

Our road freight service covers Africa, Asia, America, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, and South America. Trucks Capacity: We transport the goods from South Africa with the Super Link Trucks, Tri-Axle Trucks 16 Tons Close Body Trucks and open Body, 12 Tons, Closed and Open and van to the SADC countries.

Removal In Transit Services

From Johannesburg to most international Airports in Africa, Europe,Middle East, Far East, North America, South America & Australia, name it and we will be here on due time.

Distribution solutions

This makes our service offering flexible and cost effective.Other distribution services include sub-routing and distribution centre management. Our experienced team ensure professional management of our DCs, which in turn enables our customers to focus on their corebusiness.

RMP Holdings

KNComputer Services

The Banker

Hexagon (PTY) LTD


“What I love about Jidair is that they cover all areas to do with transport, be it land, air or sea. This means I am rest assured that whatever I am sending is being handled by the same team thus less risk of it falling in the wrong hands.”

“I frequently have to receive raw materials from almost every corner of the globe for my company, and at the same rate distribute product all over the world; Jidair Cargo has earned my trust to handle such business through a series of consistent quality service."

“Running a business that depends on constant import and exporting is a tricky game. In a flash one country's customs can change and half the time, not in your favor. That is why it is important to have a reliable logistics company to handle such inevitables. I have Jidair Cargo in that regard and have never been disappointed so far."

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